JoyStick Shield

By | 2015-02-08


Surfing the eBay I just have seen an interresting Arduino extension board with an analog joystick, and some buttons. This model has ports for connecting other devices, like Nokia LCD screen and RF module. As I have both, and I just built a joystick myself, I decided to try this prototyping extension.

JoyStick Shield

The board is named Funduino JoyStick Shield V1.A, and branded as HOYA with a date 2012.10.25.

Basic functionality

First of all the board has 2 analog (joystick) axes and 7 switches: four direction for the right hand, two function buttons, and one by pressing the joystick.

Name Meaning Arduino pin
X axes A0
Y axes A1
Button A Up D2
Button B Right D3
Button C Down D4
Button D Left D5
Button E Func. Right D6
Button F Func. Left D7
Button K Joystick Action D8


Nokia screen FAIL

PCD8544 breakout panel is said to be attached to the marked pins. I don’t know how it is about to be, but that is just not right. You cannot connect default pinout preakout board to this pin order.

Board port pin order 3V3 GND D13 D12 D11 D10 D9 3V3
Regular Nokia breaout pin order RST CS DC DIN CLK VCC LIGHT GND

As you see, the GND, and 3V3 (VCC) pins just cannot do not match any ways. If you can get a screen breakout with the above pinouts, you can connect it.

RF port

The RF port pinout is:

NC D12
D11 D13
D10 D9
3.3V GND

Fortunately that matches with my RF24L01+ module.

I’ve wrote an article about RF24L01+, that you can read here.

BlueTooth port

The port labeled with BlueTooth have the labels  R, T, -, + on the pins. The + connected to 3,3 Volts, the – connected to the ground, the T is connected to Arduino D0 pin. The R is connected to D1, but not directly. Between R and D1 there is a 1K resistor.