Build a bunch of test wires

By | 2017-06-09

I found these mini test-hooks useful, I already have built some of these, but now I build some. On one end of the cable there is a hook-probe, on the other end an alligator clip.

I have purchased from eBay “10pcs 15inch Double-ended Test Leads Crocodile Clip Roach Clip Jumper Wire”, and “Multi-color 10 Pcs Mini Test Hook Clip Test Probe Testing SMD Grabber MWUS”.

I have cut four of the wires into two. But you may noticed, that I did not have cut it in the middle. This way I will end up with two different size wires, and I can use the one fit more to the actual needs.

I have soldered the hooks to the end of the wires. I have end up with 8 test wires of 4 different colors. As an addition 6 jumper wire, and 2 blue hook-clips.