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Modifying Wemos Relay shield

I generally like the idea behind the Wemos D1 Mini system, but I have to admit, that there is a lot of problem with it. This time I was sorting the issue with the Relay shield. Now the Relay shield is a proper one, the only problem is that it occupies pin D1. Pin D1… Read More »

Fixing Wemos D1 Mini RTC module

I have bought two pieces from the same RTC (Real Time Clock) module for the Wemos D1 Mini (aka. “WIFI D1 MINI Data loggar shield”) from China. The idea here is to keep a time-sensitive smart-thing working even without internet. Is the module faulty? This module utilizes the DS1307 RTC chip, that always requires the… Read More »

New WS2812B LED matrix – Is it damaged?

I have bought two “WS2812B 8×8” LED matrix panels from China for a possible future project. As I wanted to try them out it turned out, that none of them are working. So are they arrived broken? I used a big power supply for powering both the Arduino Nano and the matrix. I have connected… Read More »

Make a custom connector plug

I own a vintage audio equipment, that supports remote control connection through a socket populated on the back. I decided to build my own remote controller for the unit. Unfortunately this is a custom type of connector, and you cannot really buy plug for this any more. In my case the equipment is a TEAC… Read More »

Build a bunch of test wires

I found these mini test-hooks useful, I already have built some of these, but now I build some. On one end of the cable there is a hook-probe, on the other end an alligator clip. I have purchased from eBay “10pcs 15inch Double-ended Test Leads Crocodile Clip Roach Clip Jumper Wire”, and “Multi-color 10 Pcs… Read More »

How NOT to 3D design a project box

I’m working on a project, where I need a case. So I designed a box in the idea in my mind, that printing two from the same part will fit together face to face. So I have added overhangs, and groves that should meet. But in the end it turned out that they don’t fit.… Read More »