Speaker shelf

By | 2018-02-02

I have a small room, that does only accepts bookshelf size speakers, but I do not had a bookshelf in the right place. So I have built these shelves for the speakers.

Building steps

I had this piece of particle board laying around, left over after installing the kitchen sink. None of the sides was straight, so I first tried to flatten one edge.

I was not happy to use particle board, but as the speakers are also made of the same material, I should not care much.

The hanger pieces, will be glued on to the back side. The holes for them are made a bit “wide”, so I have some play when mounting it. On the other end I have drilled three holes. The middle is for a screw to keep things in place while the other two is filled with dowels. We cannot be too paranoid here.

I carefully marked the drilling holes for attaching the vertical pieces, and drilled both of them. After this, the two pieces are glued together.

I prepare pieces for the sides. I happen to have some of this thin boards of nice light wood salvaged from an old furniture.

Now this decorative side pieces are glued to place.

And it was time for some sanding.

One of the wall-mount screws will be driven through the “grain” of the particle board, so it needs some extra strengthening. The idea is to drill a socket in the right location and install a hardwood dowel into it.

Then this insert will be drill through to accept the screw.


This is followed by a serious sending session.

I have applied matte stain on the sides.

Masked the sides, and spray painted the body with primer, than with a finish.

The masking tape should be removed before a complete dry!

Before installing the shelves, I have applied a drop of silicone on the back side, that might help damping some vibration. (The silicone is not for gluing to the wall, so I have let the silicone dry before installing the shelves.)