RaspberryPi power switch

By | 2014-07-13

I had a power switch (from Pi Supply), but I didn’t found it useful. In real cases it’s just not work to have the switch and the Pi apart.

I also had a case, so I said, why not combining them. I realized, that by soldering the tact switches to the backside of the board I can mount the unit inside the case.

I’ve created a video about this (sorry it is bit too long).

I also changed the capacitor to a 10μF one. The unit shipped with a 220μF capacitor, which is intended to work on any GPIO pins of the Pi. But as I only want to use the pin GPIO8, a 10μF one is perfect. (The pin 8 will go HIGH immediately after the Kernel is loaded, and LOW, when the Kernel stops.  So you do not have to wait so long, and you don’t need any extra software for the switch to work.)

I’m not going to provide any DIY description for the process, as this is a tricky modification. I’m mostly eyeballed all the places. Or put in other words: If you do not know how to apply this mod without detailed documentation, I don’t recommend you to undertake it.


But I give you a one-to-one template help you drilling the wholes to the right place, as this is the most tricky part.

Download the one-to-one template for the holes

Print out the template (1:1) and cut the rectangle. (The rectangle is intended to be smaller than the real size of the RPi.) Fit the template corner marked with an arc inside the box-roof to the corner where you can find the (original) slot for the power plug.

Please note that I did not tried this template myself, I’ve just measured the actually drilled holes. Also note that this template is made measuring this particular case. I don’t guarantee that the template is perfect. So please verify before drilling!

You still need to cut the slot for the new power input by eyeballing it. 🙂

After half a year using the Pi whit the switch I still find it very useful.


Parts used:

  • Switch panel: http://www.pi-supply.com/product/pi-supply-raspberry-pi-power-switch/
  • Case modified: https://www.modmypi.com/shop/raspberry-pi-case-red
  • 10μF elco capacitor,
  • Some wires and jumpers.