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DIY Mobile Phone – Part 1 – Hardware prototype

I have a cheap SIM900 based module for Arduino. I would like to create a Nokia 5110 like phone from it. Main components I want to build a simple hardware and write a modular software for it, so the phone functions can be extended later on. I want to achieve the following functionality  (what is… Read More »

RaspberryPi power switch

I had a power switch (from Pi Supply), but I didn’t found it useful. In real cases it’s just not work to have the switch and the Pi apart. I also had a case, so I said, why not combining them. I realized, that by soldering the tact switches to the backside of the board… Read More »

Playing with nRF24L01+ RF module

Preface Recently I’ve received an order from China containing lots of cool stuff. One of this is a cheap radio frequency module. I was playing around with this a bit and I’m happy to share my experiments with you.   Kickstart I had lots of trouble staring up the unit. Fortunately there is an Arduino… Read More »